Tikka T3 Billet machined WSM/SAUM Magazine


For years now we've recognized the Tikka T3 platform as an accurate action platform for semi-custom rifle builds. With it's 3.4" factory magazines and 60* bolt throw it offers an ideal "medium length" platform for the WSM/SAUM/6.5PRC chamber offerings. However factory magazines designed for these cases are limited to sub 2.9" COAL (Cartridge Overall Length). We designed a magazine to fit and feed the WSM/SAUM/6.5PRC case. With shoulder stops machined into the magazine body to prevent bullet tip deformation upon recoil, 3+1 capacity, and proper case head presentation these magazines allow up to 3.380" COAL possibilities. Hard anodized black with stainless steel following spring and black acetal follower.