Premium Stainless Badger Profile Bolt Knob

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Manufactured on our precision CNC machines here in Lewiston, Idaho  from solid round stock 416HT stainless steel. We use this type of stainless steel material because of it's resistance to corrosion and it's rockwell hardness value of 40. Internally threaded for traditional 5/16x24 TPI at (value) of an inch thread depth and (value) of an inch initial thread relief. 
This oversized, bulbous, and smooth profile knob is great way to increase the amount of leverage applied to begin the extraction cam process when cycling your firearm's action. This can assist with keeping your sights closer on target and reduce shooting fatigue. This profile is also available in (aluminum or stainless steel).
That description can be used for all of the standard sized tactical knobs including the fluted ones